• Georgio Kona

    Georgio Kona

    Luptați-vă toată viața și veți fi întotdeauna câștigătorul!

  • Abdullahi muktar

    Abdullahi muktar

    HR professional with a love of learning new thing...Please Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth..

  • Huzaifa Irfan

    Huzaifa Irfan

    Avid Reader & Lazy Writer, I write on Books, Psych, Poetry, Gender, Admin/Politics, Islam & Pakistan. Email: ReadwithIrfan@gmail.com

  • Sara Moton

    Sara Moton

    Creative, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Solution-seeker | You can find me walking my pet fish

  • Paul Smithson

    Paul Smithson

    I am the Head of Engineering at AppLearn. I live in Manchester, UK

  • Camille Allard

    Camille Allard

    A nineteen year old French girl, living in London. I write about love, psychology, and sexology.

  • Ana Rodrigues

    Ana Rodrigues

    Business driven • People focused • Leadership, Coaching and Organizational Development enthusiast!

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