Management Fix: Team Reorganization

Eduardo Espinheira
2 min readJun 8, 2019

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This week’s “Team Reorganization” is a solution which can’t be taken lightly.
By definition, reorganization, in a business context, is an overhaul of a company’s internal structure. Companies go through reorganization for various reasons. Purposes include improving efficiency, cutting costs, repositioning the business, and dealing with corporate changes such as mergers and acquisitions.
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In this specific context, the context of the reorganization is limited to the team. But the responsibility is still very high. Assure the goals are well defined and use change management techniques to guarantee a controlled impact.

Known Associates

This MngtFix has been mentioned in relation to a number of MngtBugs such as…
“Lack of Accountability”,
“People leaving the Company”,
“Undefined Responsibilities”,
“Lack of Roles and Ownership Definition”,
“Organizational Silos”,
and of course “Overlapping Responsibilities”!

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