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Eduardo Espinheira
2 min readFeb 23, 2021
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By definition, self-learning is the act of learning done by oneself, without a teacher or instructor. (1)

The future requires employees who can rapidly adapt to the changing times on their own. Every team in every organization needs learners who are self-directed in their quest for learning. (2)

Self-learning lets you gauge and improve your knowledge of practical applications. This makes it all about pure learning. Besides the knowledge factor, self-learning also helps develop your skill levels and enriches your experiences with practical applications.

Here are some reasons why you should consider self-learning:
- Self-learning helps develop problem-solving skills.
- Self-learning is stress-free.
- You gain secondary skills that will help you advance your career.
- Self-learning comes out of your desire to learn something new.
- You get to choose the way you learn. You can find your comfortable medium, videos, texts, experiments or webinars, and other diverse mediums that can be efficiently used to understand. (3)

While learning a concept, it is also much more productive to focus on sharing it. By explaining a concept in simple terms, you’ll quickly see where you have a good understanding of that concept. You’ll also be able to instantly pinpoint your problem areas because they’ll be the areas where you either get stuck or where you end up resorting to using complex language and terminology. This is the idea behind the Feynman Technique. Named after the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman — who, in addition to being a brilliant scientist, was also called “The Great Explainer” for his ability to relay complex ideas to others in simple, intuitive ways. (4)

Self-learning and sharing is a novel way to keep workers motivated and always learning. With a few intentional steps, you can turn your workplace into one that fosters nonstop learning. (3)

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