Management Fix: Results Indicators Implementation

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This week’s “Results Indicators Definition” should be a mandatory solution for any team or company.

By definition, a result indicator is a metric that measures the quantitative results of business actions to help companies track progress and reach organizational goals.

There are different types of indicators: direct indicators and indirect indicators.

The direct indicators are formulated primarily for countable facts or states of affairs such as outputs or easily measured results. On the other hand, the indirect indicators are mainly used when qualitative states of affairs are being described, such as changed living circumstances, changed attitudes, or changes in behavior.
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These indicators offer an overview of past performance, help corporate management unify information on a company or department’s performance, and provide insight on what steps leaders should take to make improvements.
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Result indicators can be used on teams too. They can reflect the activity of more than one group and can show how groups are working together and offer an overview. They provide useful insights for board members and governors who are not involved in day-to-day operations.
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Defining Result Indicators can be critical to success. It allows you to measure past performance and take the necessary measures to achieve the company goals.

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“Lack of Performance Indicators”,
“Process Definition Resistance”,
“Lack of Project Management Best Practices”,
“Lack of Organizational Performance Evaluation”,
and of course “Lack of Result Indicators”!

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