Management Fix: Project Status Template Definition and Implementation

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This week’s “Project Status Template Definition and Implementation” is a classical and handy solution.

By definition, a project status template definition and implementation is the action that helps to define and standardize the process of reporting the state of the ongoing projects in the organization.

In Project management, it is essential that the documentation is well arranged, easy to read, and adequate. (1)

Project management is a structured process to get something done. (2)

The use of this type of communication is very important for Project Managers this is the tool used to inform clients, team members, and stakeholders about the project status. (3)

Creating new documents from scratch every time your company embarks on a new project can waste valuable time and money. The main advantage is that templates significantly simplify the generation of good company documentation, which allows you to invest valuable time in the content and review of these documents. Templates are the skeletons that constitute the basis of your documentation. Once you start filling them with useful content, these skeletons will turn into flesh and blood. (4)

When we use templates in your project management, we can reach some benefits, like:
- Shorten time to delivery
- Help set expectations
- Capture best practices
- Use as a training tool (5)

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This MngtFix has been mentioned in relation to a number of MngtBugs such as…
“Lack of Project Manager”,
“Lack of Communication”,
“Lack of Communication of the Ongoing Processes and Projects”,
“Lack of Project Management Best Practices”,
and of course “Lack of Project Status Report”!

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