Management Fix: Project Management Change Control Process Definition

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This week’s “Project Management Change Control Process Definition” is a useful tool for every Project Manager.

By definition, change control is the process through which all requests to change the baseline scope of a project, program or portfolio are captured, evaluated and then approved, rejected or deferred.
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Change control is an important part of the project management process. With the pace of change today, it is almost certain that projects will face the demand for change during their life. While change may help ensure the project’s alignment with business needs, it is important to consider and approve each change carefully.
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This process is conducted from project initiation through completion because no matter how carefully planned a project has been, changes will need to be made throughout its life cycle. This is one of the most important areas of the project because the cost of implementing changes goes up as the project progresses.
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The process of controlling and managing change happens in several stages as follows-

  • Change proposition
  • Defining the summary of the impact
  • Decision making regarding the proposed change
  • Implementing the change
  • Closing the change post-implementation and proper testing

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Managing a project without this change control process defined is ignoring one of the major roles of the Project Manager.

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This MngtFix has been mentioned in relation to a number of MngtBugs such as…
“Scope Creep”,
“Lack of Stakeholders Buy-in”,
“Undefined Project Scope”,
“Lack of Communication of the Ongoing Processes and Projects”,
“Lack of Project Management Best-Practices”,
and of course “Lack of Change Control”!

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