Management Fix: Product Validation Planning

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This week’s “Product Validation Planning” is often a forgotten solution.

By definition, product validation assures that a product meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders.
(Extracted and adapted from

Building and validating the product should go hand-in-hand and be an iterative process, with some amount of validated learning along the way. It involves continuously asking yourself the question: ‘Does this product solve the problem, in the market, we have identified?’. Product validation is more complicated and should be done via iteration. Ideally, it looks something like this:

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(Extracted and adapted from

The activities that will be performed for Validation need to be defined.
(Extracted and adapted from
The validation process should take place from the early to the final stages of our product lifecycle and even after the release.
(Extracted and adapted from
With Validation, we check that the product we are building matches the users and business needs.
(Extracted and adapted from

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“Lack of Product Backlog”,
“Lack of Product Backlog Refinement”,
“Lack of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”,
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and of course “Lack of Product Validation”!Strategy”!

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