Management Fix: Know-How Transfer Sessions Implementation

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This week’s “Know-How Transfer Sessions Implementation” is an amazing solution to so many problems.
By definition, knowledge transfer is a systematic and purposeful strategy for capturing critical knowledge from key personnel to store and share within an organization for maximum efficiency.

Knowledge transfer is not standing around the water cooler or having a one-time meeting to chat about the role, functions, it is a purposeful and ongoing strategy with measurable results.

There are two types of knowledge commonly referenced when it comes to learning: tacit and explicit.

  • Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that is hard to transfer or pass along through writing or verbalization. It is developed through a person’s experiences, observations, and insights, and requires shared activities with another to transfer or impart that knowledge.
  • Explicit knowledge is the knowledge that is easily shared and transferred through writing or speaking. It is information that can easily be picked up from talking to someone, reading a book, or looking something up online.

Each type of knowledge is involved in corporate knowledge transfer plans, but the hardest and most important type to capture is tacit knowledge, because it is the knowledge that is picked up and learned over time, and not easily read in a book, document, or website.
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There are two kinds of knowledge transfer mechanisms have been noticed in practice:

  • Personalization refers to the one-to-one transfer of [knowledge] between two entities in person. A very good example of this is the act of teaching a person how to ride a bicycle.
  • Codification refers to the act of converting knowledge into knowledge artifacts such as documents, images, and videos that are consumed by the knowledge recipients asynchronously.

(Extracted and adapted from

Every company and team should assure the core knowledge is kept and shared as needed.

Known Associates

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This MngtFix has been mentioned concerning several MngtBugs such as…
“Lack of People Onboarding”,
“People Leaving the Company”,
“Lack of Training”,
“Lack of Training Budget”,
“Lack of People Motivation”,
and of course “Lack of Know-How Transfer”!

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Eduardo Espinheira is a Consultant, Facilitator, Manager, Public Speaker, Creator of the Management Bugs&Fixes and the Machiavellian PM Stories

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