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Eduardo Espinheira
2 min readAug 18, 2020

Here is your weekly dose of Human Management with some more food for thought to leverage your growth.

Since we believe the Management Fixes are common and typical, every description is created and adapted from articles, blog posts, and definitions from other sources and authors.

A MngtFix is an actionable solution for a problem with pros and cons to be evaluated by a human manager.
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This week’s “Internal Communication Definition and Implementation” is a must-have for every team leader or consultant.

By definition, internal communication is the transmission of information between organizational members or parts of the organization. (1)

There is a multitude of different types of internal communication: from top-down memos to peer-to-peer acknowledgment, from crisis comms to information campaigns, and more. The common types:
- Leadership and top-down comms;
- Change communication;
- Crisis communication;
- Information comms;
- Bottom-up or two-way communication;
- Peer communication;
- Culture comms;
- Campaign comms (2)

Improved internal communication doesn’t only affect your returns to shareholders. It can also increase employee engagement, build stronger teams, and enhance the competitiveness of your company.
Effective internal communication practices help you increase productivity, build a better workplace, and reduce day-to-day conflict between team members. (3)

There are many reasons why internal communications is a crucial business function and are more critical than ever before, like:
- The Drive for Purpose
- Remain in Control of the Message and Its Origin
- Empower and Support Middle Management
- Keep the Brand Promise and Satisfy Your Customers
- In a Crisis, Internal Communication Rules
- Create a Better Work Environment
- Limit Rumors and Enhance Transparency. (4)



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