Management Fix: Competency Matrix Implementation

Eduardo Espinheira
3 min readJun 24, 2020

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This week’s “Competency Matrix Implementation” is a very important solution.

By definition, a competency matrix is a tool to give a team, or organization insight into the skills they have, and/or need.
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As explained by Jurgen Appelo in his book Management 3.0, we realize that improving each employee is not enough to improve teams and then firms, then how should we do it?
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Each member of a team has a set of skills that contribute to the overall skill set of the team. However, quite often, these skills are not aligned with the skills that are necessary to develop future products or services.
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To ensure the alignment between the skills that the team possesses and the skills necessary you should use the:

Each Competency Matrix focuses on a single project. The company needs to define the competency requirements that the team has to acquire to reach these goals. The preparation work for competency development is identifying gaps and the need to know what your employees want to learn and how that does or doesn’t fit with the goals of the company.
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Competency Matrix gives to companies a great tool for how to direct your employees to reach their full potential and…

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