Management Fix: Company/Team Values Elicitation and Definition

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This week’s “Company/Team Values Elicitation and Definition” is one of the most powerful solutions you can use.
By definition, the values elicitation is an exercise to understand the core values and the wish values.

Core values: These are are the ones that come to you naturally. Without them, you wouldn’t be yourself. They’re wired into your mindset or your culture and lead to your natural behavior.

Wish values: These are the ones you aspire to have but unfortunately, they don’t come naturally to you…at least not yet. It takes effort on your part to remind yourself that these values are important for your success and that you want to give them special attention. After all more interesting than discovering “who you are” is learning who you could become.
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The best implementation of this solution comes from the Values List and Values Stories exercise from Management 3.0. On the first exercise, you print the big list of team values(, one copy per person and let each team member pick their core values and wish values. On the second exercise, you collect stories of past behaviors that you feel exemplify and illustrate the culture of your team or organization and define stories for future behaviors that you feel could illustrate your wish values.

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This MngtFix has been mentioned in relation to a number of MngtBugs such as…
“Lack of People Engagement”,
“People leaving the Company”,
“Lack of Communication”,
“Lack of People Motivation”,
“Organizational Silos”,
and of course “Lack of (an identified) Company Culture”!

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