Management Bug: Undefined Project Quality

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This week’s “Undefined Project Quality” is one of the most ignored problems in project management.

By definition, it is the lack of definition on the “totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”. The stated and implied quality needs are the inputs used in defining project requirements from the donor and the beneficiaries. It is also defined as the “Conformance to requirements or fitness for use”; which means that the product or services must meet the intended objectives of the project and have a value to the donor and beneficiaries and that the beneficiaries can use the material or service as it was originally intended.

The central focus of quality management is meeting or exceeding stakeholder’s expectations and conforming to the project design and specifications. The ultimate judge for quality is the beneficiary and represents how close the project outputs and deliverables come to meeting the beneficiaries’ requirements and expectations.
How a beneficiary defines quality may be completely subjective, but there are many ways to make quality objective; by defining the individual characteristics and determine one or more metrics that can be collected to mirror the characteristic. For instance, one of the features of a quality product may be that it has a minimum amount of errors. This characteristic can be measured by counting errors and defects after the product is used. (Based on

It is through the definition of the expectation of the main stakeholders, that the project will have its quality defined and pave the way for success.

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