Management Bug: Lack of Training Budget

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This week’s MngtBug is…

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This week’s Lack of Training Budget is a known issue within Human Resources and Team Leaders.

By definition, a training budget is the direct and indirect costs required to analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate and maintain courses and materials. Establishing a training budget for your organization ensures you allocate appropriate funds for employee development. Training ensures that your employees get the skills and knowledge they need to perform effectively on the job.
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The right employee training can often mean the difference between sinking and soaring when it comes to meeting your business goals and projections for the year.
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The problem is that many organizations see training as an expense and not as an investment. Untrained employees will, inevitably, lack the knowledge to use company resources properly, which will lead to waste, in a service industry; lack of knowledge about procedures will affect customer interaction and retention.
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The lack of training in the workplace poses its risks and can be more expensive than the cost of the training itself. Some of these costly risks include high staff turnover, missing out on high-value and tech-savvy recruits, as well as losing competitive edge when team members don’t have the latest skills to meet current-day challenges. Some of the risks are:

  • Losing Your Best Employees
  • Missing Out On New Generation Hires
  • Crippling Your Competitive Advantage
  • Never Reaching Full Productivity
  • Failing To Innovate

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Ignoring or denying this MngtBug will only foster the conditions for the risks to become real.

Known Associates

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