Management Bug: Lack of Resources

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This week’s “Lack of Resources” is common.
Searching for a similar definition, “resource shortage” we can find, “the absence, unavailability or reduced supply of any raw or processed natural resource, or any commodities, goods or services of any kind that bears a substantial relationship to the health, safety, welfare and economic well-being of the citizens of the Commonwealth” (extracted from

As a side note, most of the times this MngtBug is used, it refers to the lack of people.
It should only be mentioned if all the other options of optimization of the existing resources have been evaluated and tried.

Known Associates

This MngtBug has been mentioned in relation to a number of MngtFixes such as…

“Process Improvement Initiatives Definition and Implementation”,
“Delegation Poker Implementation”,
“Hire External Consultants”,
“Roles and Responsibilities Definition”,
“Know-how Transfer Sessions Implementation”,
“Temporary Employee Rotation”,
“Team Reorganization”,
and of course, if the solution is available “Hire Resources”!

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