Management Bug: Lack of Project Sponsor

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This week’s “Lack of Project Sponsor” is on the top10 of Project Management Problems.

By definition, a project sponsor is a person or group who provides resources and support for the project and is accountable for enabling success.

The project sponsor is one, and only one level above the project manager. They do not manage the day to day operations of the project but they ensure the resources are in place, promote the project, and hold overall responsibility for the project’s success.
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He or she is primarily concerned with ensuring that the project delivers the agreed-upon business benefits and acts as the representative of the organization.
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A project sponsor is typically responsible for initiating, ensuring, approving, and establishing a series of key aspects of the project, like:
- Developing the business case
- Securing funding
- Selecting the project manager
- Assisting in the development of the project scope and charter
- Securing resources
- Assisting with identifying the stakeholders
- Clarifying any questions regarding the project scope once the project is underway
- Reviewing and approving any changes to the schedule and budget
- Monitoring the progress
- Assisting the PM by getting involved in making key go/no go decisions, authorizing changes in the scope, solving problems that arise, and helping to secure additional resources if necessary
(Extracted and adapted from

The role of the project sponsor is critical to ensuring the success of projects. Any project which is initiated without an appropriate degree of executive sponsorship will fail.
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