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Eduardo Espinheira
2 min readJul 1, 2020

A MngtBug is a problem, cause, or impact in a human manager’s decision which produces an incorrect or unexpected result.
Every week we share a little bit of our knowledge base on social media and our newsletter. Since we believe the Management Bugs are common and typical, every description is created and adapted from articles, blog posts, and definitions from other sources and authors.

This week’s MngtBug is…

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This week’s “Lack of Product Backlog Refinement” is a very specific problem.

By definition, the product backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product. It is the only source of requirements for any changes to be made to the product.

Product Backlog Refinement is the act of adding detail, estimates, and order to items in the Product Backlog. This process intends to review revise all the items.
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Backlog refinement intends to ensure that the backlog remains populated with items that are relevant, detailed, and estimated to a degree appropriate with their priority, and in keeping with a current understanding of the project or product and its objectives.
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When a company doesn’t use this process the product backlog isn’t properly prioritized.
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Companies will lose some benefits like:
- Increase transparency
- Clarify value
- Break things into consumable pieces
- Reduce dependencies
- Forecasting
- Incorporate learning
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