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Eduardo Espinheira
2 min readDec 2, 2020

Here is your weekly dose of Human Management with some more food for thought to leverage your growth.

Since we believe the Management Bugs are common and typical, every description is created and adapted from articles, blog posts, and definitions from other sources and authors.

A MngtBug is a problem, cause, or impact in a human manager’s decision, which produces an incorrect or unexpected result. Every other week we share a little bit of our knowledge base on social media and our newsletter. This week’s MngtBug is…


By definition, knowledge management deals with the organization’s knowledge assets to create value and meet tactical & strategic requirements. (1)

Knowledge is one of an organization’s most important assets; however, knowledge is frequently undocumented, difficult to access, and at risk of disappearing. (2)

Lack of knowledge management has a lot of impacts, can affect your work, your team, and ultimately, your company, in many ways, like:
- Lacking innovation
- Decisions will be taken slower
- Not being able to access information in the context
- Making the same efforts over and over again
- Repeating the same mistakes
- Lack of Process Improvement
- Customer Dissatisfaction



Eduardo Espinheira

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