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Eduardo Espinheira
3 min readOct 7, 2020

Here is your weekly dose of Human Management with some more food for thought to leverage your growth.

Since we believe the Management Bugs are common and typical, every description is created and adapted from articles, blog posts, and definitions from other sources and authors.

A MngtBug is a problem, cause, or impact in a human manager’s decision, which produces an incorrect or unexpected result. Every other week we share a little bit of our knowledge base on social media and our newsletter. This week’s MngtBug is…


By definition, the focus is on what people are concentrating on or paying particular attention to. (1)

There have probably been times where you couldn’t get your mind on the task at hand. You may have had something else more important on your mind or lacked the interest in what you were trying to do to allow you to keep your focus. (2)

In this case, the first thing we do is look for new systems, methods, and applications that help us get better organized. Instinctively, we dodge the issue: “If I’m not productive enough, is because the tools I use don’t fit well with me.”

In these cases, the problem usually has to do with focus. Because, let’s be clear, keeping your focus on your performing task is essential to cross it off in your to-do list. (3)

Suppose the problem is at the team level. Team members don’t hold each other accountable. The criticality of group success is lost in the shuffle. Self-preservation and self-interest trump results in a climate of distrust and fear.
Your inability to track results leaves you with no way to judge ongoing success or failure, progress, or pitfalls. No one is praised for good results, and no one is corrected for the lack thereof. As this trail of dysfunction reaches its fatal end, it won’t be long before the team is disbanded. (4)

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