Management Bug: Lack of Daily Stand-Ups

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This week’s “Lack of Daily Stands-Ups” is a common problem.

By definition, a daily stand-up is a meeting in which attendees typically participate while standing. The discomfort of standing for long periods is intended to keep the meetings short. (Extracted and adapted from

Whether you call it a scrum, a huddle, a morning roll call, or anything else, daily stand up meetings have become an essential tool in empowering teams to unite and prioritize work goals. In just 15 minutes, all team members are equipped with what is expected of them for the day, as well as how their work is impacting team goals.
(Extracted and adapted from

Stand-up meetings have become a core ritual of highly effective teams the world over. These meetings are becoming more popular within businesses of all industries and sizes.
(Extracted and adapted from

The efficiency of these meetings depends on the way you prepare it, before a standup starts, you’ll want to consider some of the following questions:
- Who should attend the meeting?
- What will be discussed in the meeting?
- Where and when will the standup be held?
- How will I create buy-in during the meeting?

Once you’ve considered the specifics, it’s time to imagine how the standup meeting will play out. The three questions to be answered during a standup are:
- Which tasks did I do yesterday?
- Where is my focus today?
- What obstacles am I facing in my work?
(Extracted and adapted from

Without this type of meetings, teams lose many benefits, like:
- Encourages positive team building
- Builds and improves collaboration
- Captures valuable knowledge
- Reduces roadblocks and problems
- Improved understanding of shared goals
(Extracted and adapted from

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This MngtBug has been mentioned with several MngtFixes such as…
“Scrum Training”,
“Communication Training”,
“Internal Communication Definition and Implementation”,
“Face to Face Communication Implementation”
and of course “Regular Team Meetings Implementation”!

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