• J.J. Pryor

    J.J. Pryor

    I listen. I read. I obsess. I write. • • • Enjoy? Follow for more • • • jjpryor.substack.com • • •

  • Camille Allard

    Camille Allard

    A twenty year old French girl, living in London, exploring the world with love and for love. Studying Psychology and Sexology.

  • Noorain Hassan, BMS

    Noorain Hassan, BMS

    Author | Entrepreneur | Educator | Counsellor | and creator of my own world, all at the age of 19. Let’s chat → noorainhassan@gmail.com

  • Ana Rodrigues

    Ana Rodrigues

    Business driven. People focused.

  • Rosalina Santos

    Rosalina Santos

  • Rita Lourenço

    Rita Lourenço

  • Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva

  • Miguel Melo

    Miguel Melo

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